Method For Launching Lawsuit In Ontario

If you are a resident of Ontario, and you have sustained a personal injury, you might want to sue the person that caused you to become injured. Indeed, you must identify that same person, if you want to launch a lawsuit with the help of an injury lawyer in Oakville.

Who might be the target of such a lawsuit?

• It could be the occupier of a piece of land, or of a building; It might be the owner of a building with a dilapidated staircase.
• It could be your employer; an employee can go after an employer that fails to provide employees with a suitable environment.
• It could be the driver of a motored vehicle: That would be the case following a car accident.
• It could be a construction worker, or a supervisor at a construction site;
• It could be an abusive parent or any adult that has abused of molested a child;
• It could be someone that has masqueraded as a cop;
• It might be a dog owner; the owner has allowed his or her pet canine to bite someone.
• It could be a factory owner, a manufacturer that has made a defective product;
• It could be a homeowner;
• It might be physician.

Someone in any of the above roles might take part in an action that causes someone else to suffer a personal injury.

Do you have to live in Ontario in order to launch a lawsuit in Ontario?

No, even some adults living outside of Canada have chosen to initiate lawsuits in Ontario’s justice system.

How a lawyer can help with the initiation of such a lawsuit:

Lawyers are familiar with the new and the old limitation periods. Some personal injury cases must follow the limitation period established in the old system. Other personal injury cases must adhere to the timetable in the new system. A third group of personal injury cases must adhere to the transition rules.

Good lawyers listen to their clients and follow any given set of instructions. And experienced lawyers are ready to go to court, if necessary.

Evidence required, if you hope to win your personal injury case:

• Evidence that the targeted individual had a duty of care towards you.
• Proof that he or she breached that duty of care.
• Proof that when the targeted individual breached his or her duty of care, you were injured in some way.

If your case goes to court, you must provide evidence to the judge and jury in support of those 3 allegations, in order to win a personal injury case. In the absence of such proofs, you have little chance for receiving any type of monetary award. By working with a lawyer, you can do a better job of collecting the needed evidence.

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