Procedure To Follow If You Have Sustained A Severe Or Disabling Injury

An injury can alter permanently the status of the newly-injured person. His or her good health status vanishes, and gets replaced with a poor health status. It helps to be prepared for such a possibility.

What to do if you get injured at work:

Notify your employer about your medical problem just as soon as possible.

Actions to take at the scene of a car accident:

Call for assistance, or ask someone to make the call for you. Take pictures of the accident scene. Note the details of that same scene: the position of the involved vehicles; the number of lanes of traffic on the road. Get important information from the other drivers and speak with witnesses. You need to seek medical treatment. Be sure to call your insurance company, once you get home.

Actions to take if injured at a commercial establishment:

Notify the owner or manager. Do that before you walk away from the location of the accident to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Write down everything that you can remember about the situation in which you got injured. Was there any substance on the floor? Was there any object blocking your path? Had a door failed to open properly? Had a banister on a stairway become loose? Had a warning sign been posted anywhere in the vicinity of the accident?

If you were wearing a sturdy pair of shoes when you stepped onto the floor, be sure to save that same pair of footwear. It can be used as evidence by the personal injury lawyer in Oakville.

How to proceed if you plan to sue a medical doctor, one that has been treating you:

Record all the details concerning the incident where you received inferior treatment.

Do some research into the typical approach taken by other medical professionals, when treating a patient with a problem similar to yours. Did your doctor do what most doctors do, in order to treat your particular condition?

Look into the facts concerning any medications that you received. Were they the sort of medicines that other doctors were prescribing for the same condition?

See what you can learn about the institution where your doctor completed his or her studies. Can you uncover any proof that your doctor has made a false claim, regarding when or where he or she obtained an MD degree?

How to proceed if you were the target of a dog’s bite.

Get the name of the dog and the name of the dog’s owner.

Speak with any witnesses.

Record any information that would show the extent to which the dog’s owner had lost control of his or her pet.
Go to a medical facility as soon as possible; get your injury examined and treated.

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