Should Handling A Personal Injury Claim Ever Become A DIY Endeavor?

The person that has chosen to attempt such an endeavor should be organized, patient and familiar with the insurance claims process.

Other useful skills:

A claimant that has chosen to proceed without a lawyer should stand ready to serve as an effective self-advocate. In other words, he or she ought to be able to present the details of an accident case in an assertive manner.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakville has to be willing to recognize the difference between a simple case and a complex one. In the latter one, those working towards a resolution must deal with complex issues. Lawyers have been trained to deal with complex legal issues.

Having the ability to understand the difference between a simple injury and a serious injury. Claimants with a serious injury have a better chance for obtaining a fair settlement, if some of their money has been spent on a lawyer.

Skills and attitudes that create a challenge to anyone that plans on becoming a self-advocate in a courtroom setting.

1) A feeling of inadequacy, due to a lack of legal training: An eyewitness does not need legal training. You were an eyewitness to the injury-causing event.

2) Reluctance to bargain with the adjuster: An impatient claimant might exhibit such reluctance. By demonstrating patience, a negotiating claimant has increased his or her chances for winning a fair settlement.

3) Desire for revenge against the opposing party: This is a bad attitude for a claimant, because the legal system favors those that are willing to work towards a negotiated settlement. Sometimes a claimant’s desire for revenge causes him or her to turn down a reasonable offer from the other side.

4) Total reliance on a hired attorney: That would be a bad attitude, if a claimant with a pre-existing condition had failed to learn whether or not a consulted attorney had access to recognized medical experts.

5) A failure to seek medical attention, following involvement in an accident; any failure to set aside time and resources so that any others that were involved in the same accident could get scheduled for an appointment with a doctor, or at a medical facility.

Furthermore, any contribution of time or resources ought to include the offer of transportation. If a claimant’s attitude were to reflect an assumption that no one had been injured, the insurance company might become free of responsibility for late-appearing symptoms or unanticipated complications.

6) A tendency to procrastinate: That would be a bad attitude, because someone that had waited until the last minute to complete all the needed paperwork, might end up missing the deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit. As a result, that procrastinator would lose the ability to seek any form of compensation.

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