What Factors Determine Availability of Rental Car Following Occurrence of Accident?

The chances that an insurance company might provide a rental vehicle to someone that has submitted a post-accident claim would depend on certain factors that were related to the accident.

The insurance company would seek the answer to this question: Who was at-fault?

If the other driver were at-fault, then the likelihood for coverage of the cost for renting a replacement vehicle would appear quite high. Still, the insurer would seek the answer to one further question.

Did the other driver carry insurance coverage? If the other driver had not paid for full insurance coverage, then the owner of the damaged vehicle might not be able to get reimbursed for the cost of a replacement.

Would the person requesting a rented set-of-wheels have to satisfy any special needs?

If the answer to that question were “yes,” then it could be even less likely that the insurance company would agree to cover the expenses created by the act of renting a replacement for the damaged vehicle.

What sort of special needs could someone that hoped to rent a vehicle have?

–A request for a long-term rental might be denied.
–Someone that plans to use the rental for business might not receive coverage from an insurance company. As a rule, companies that sell car insurance do not cover any rental that the driver plans to use for business purposes.

How did the owner of the damaged property/vehicle plan to pay for the rental?

If payment were made with a credit card, then that fact could ensure the same owner of insurance protection, as per personal injury lawyer in Oakville.

What rules might the rental agency have, rules that the customer would be expected to obey?

It might ask each customer to remain on roads within the state. If that were the case, then someone that expected coverage from an insurance company would be wise to follow the rental agency’s rules. Otherwise, the insurer would have grounds for denying the anticipated coverage.

Certainly, someone that has been provided with a rented vehicle would be taking a risk, if he or she were to decide to drive it down into Mexico. Usually, someone that plans to do quite a bit of traveling in Mexico ought to purchase insurance, after arriving in that same country.

That suggestion would apply to anyone that has thought about driving along some of Mexico’s roadways. In other words, it would not pertain exclusively to those drivers that had been provided with a rented car or truck. Yet anyone that has been granted coverage for renting a replacement vehicle ought to pay close attention to the recommendations that relate to taking a rented set-of-wheels into a different country.

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