When Accident Involves Commercial Truck

An accident that involves a commercial truck differs from a collision between 2 smaller vehicles. The difference relates to more than the size of the damaged vehicle. It also concerns the potential hazard in the transported material and the standards that the trucks’ drivers are supposed to uphold.

Features of a commercial truck

• Usually much larger than a standard pickup truck
• It serves a specific purpose
• Operation of such a vehicle allowed if the truck’s driver has earned a commercial license

Who might be sued, when a vehicle with the above features has helped to cause an accident?

• Truck’s driver
• Owner of truck (if not the same as driver)
• Company that leased truck to trucking company or to the driver/owner
• Shipper of transported goods, if contents of container pulled by cab was not revealed to driver, or if goods not loaded properly inside that same container.
• Facility that performed mechanical operation on, or an inspection of the transport vehicle
• Maker of any malfunctioning part on same vehicle
• Failed effort by transportation department to assure proper lighting of any sign that could alert drivers to location of pullover.

What actions by drivers have the ability to increase the amount of danger that has become associated with commercial-sized trucks?

Driver’s decision to enter the truck’s “no-zone.” That is a place where the driver at the wheel of the truck has a limited ability to see whatever has entered that particular space. The side view mirror does not provide the drivers of commercial trucks with the ability to see all the vehicles that are located to the trucks’ rear.

Driving between 2 trucks: This increases the motorist’s chances for entering the “no-zone.” There is a “no-zone” on each side, at the rear of the loaded carrier.

Making a left-hand turn in front of oncoming truck, when unable to make a proper estimate of the same truck’s speed. Injury Lawyer in Oakville knows that due to their size and speed, commercial trucks cannot reduce their speed in a short amount of time.

Pulling in front of large truck, when entering a roadway. Again, a motorist that has chosen to take such an action might be unable to make a proper estimate of the truck’s speed. Moreover, the driver cannot reduce that speed in a short amount of time.

The owner of a disabled vehicle leaves that disabled set-of-wheels on the roadway, instead of arranging for it to be moved onto the shoulder. That action would increase the chances that someone at the wheel of an extra-large transport vehicle might need to maneuver around the unmoving automobile. If a truck’s driver were required to carry out such a maneuver, the likelihood for a jack-knifing incident would become greater.

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